By:  Amanda Vann, Esq.

One of the most challenging things in a debt collection case is finding the debtor.

Knowing where the debtor lives, their phone number, email, and assets is beneficial in allowing you to collect. Having very little information about a debtor is typical when I first take on a case. Often, there is outdated contact information, or I may be dealing with a savvy debtor who tries to go under the radar. That is why I utilize skip tracing. Skip tracing is the process of using various software and investigative strategies to track down a debtor. I can find information such as where the debtor lives, phone numbers, emails, asset history, real property ownership, car ownership, and other creditors pursuing them.  

Skip tracing allows me to track down an individual so that my collections team can reach out to them, send correspondence or mandatory notices, and try to reach a resolution or payment plan to avoid litigation.

Having data such as a debtor’s current phone number allows me to call them and notify them about the debt. When people think of collectors, they have a negative association. Still, the collections team at Andalman and Flynn prides itself in working with debtors to allow a positive result for our clients and those we seek payment from. In my experience, most debtors didn’t realize they still had a balance due and making a few phone calls allows the debt to be paid. Other debtors have fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford to pay the entire balance at once. For these reasons, calling debtors and trying to reach a resolution is advantageous, but you need their contact information first.

When you have exhausted those efforts and the debtor still refuses to pay, skip tracing allows for finding the debtor’s family members and employers, tracking a debtor’s interests, and finding additional witnesses through public records as well as social media, which will prove that the debtor can pay but is refusing to.

With the onslaught of technologies and ever-changing software capabilities, a debtor can rarely cover their digital footprint and hide.

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