Aged Debt Resolution

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In the collection industry, it’s no secret that the recovery rates decrease with the passage of time while the associated costs increase. Older balances may be harder to collect for a number of reasons. The debtor may have relocated or skipped town. In other cases, the debt may be declared uncollectible due to bankruptcy, death, prior liens or judgments. In any event, the message is clear: when it comes to accounts receivable, time is your enemy. When you need help to recover aging debts, the experienced collections team at Andalman & Flynn is in your corner.

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At this stage, you won’t find the financial solutions you’re seeking with a collection agency. Your debtors need to be contacted by a collections law firm so they realize that you will file suit if the account isn’t quickly resolved. At Andalman & Flynn, we maximize your return on investment by promptly pursuing viable claims and identifying those that aren’t worth the time and money. We will always give you an honest assessment of your accounts. In some cases, debtors are amenable to paying them off through a series of installments or on a discounted basis. Our streamlined methods for analyzing aging debts ensure your greatest chances for recovery. We combine advanced technology with unparalleled legal acumen to deliver superior results for aging debt recovery. It’s time to rethink your aged debt and put the power of Andalman & Flynn to work for you.

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