Skip Tracing and Asset Location

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The first step in recovering the monies you’re owed is to find the debtors. The more accurate the information you can obtain about their whereabouts, the more effective the collection process becomes. Skip tracing is the process of locating debtors who have moved or who don’t want to be found. This is especially helpful for cases in which the account holder hasn’t answered or returned repeated calls, emails and letters. While most collection agencies offer some form of skip tracing services, Andalman & Flynn’s skip tracing tools for collections are elite in the industry. We employ in-house, leading-edge skip tracing solutions to reveal the location of debtors’ current addresses and phone numbers with pinpoint accuracy.

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When attempting to collect a monetary obligation, it’s critically important to obtain a complete and accurate reporting of the debtor’s financial condition and key assets. Partnering with vendors who have the highest hit returns in the industry, our proven asset location techniques quickly and successfully trace hidden resources to satisfy outstanding debts. This advanced search reveals the full spectrum of viable assets and financial holding titled to the debtor, which may include bank accounts, stocks and bonds, second homes, commercial properties, income properties, and more. Andalman & Flynn’s proprietary methodology and effective skip tracing tools for collections enables us to accurately uncover assets to maximize your recovery.

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