Insurance Follow-up

Turn your medical claims into cash.

In our rapidly changing healthcare environment, providers face new and growing challenges every day. The complexity of insurance billing and managed care contracts, among others, have resulted in unprecedented numbers of delayed or rejected insurance claims. Maintaining a positive cash flow requires advanced strategies and more frequent, high-quality interventions to resolve these unpaid claims. Andalman & Flynn skillfully combines innovation with decades of experience to develop productive debt recovery paths for you and your patients.

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At Andalman & Flynn, we apply an intimate understanding of the healthcare environment and our expertise in collections to form a valuable extension of your practice. Engaging in a collaborative dialogue, we develop workable solutions that balance debt recovery with the maintenance of positive patient relationships. Our real-time analytics and advanced technologies enhance the insurance follow-up process, resulting in improved outcomes for clients and patients alike. Using leading-edge HIPAA-compliant software, our well-trained, compassionate staff track claims in detail to ensure that they are paid quickly and accurately. With our insurance claim follow-up service in place, you can focus on running your healthcare facility and caring for your patients.

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Andalman & Flynn excels at resolving financial issues with dignity. When you need assistance with insurance follow-up, rely on our best-in-class technology and industry-leading service. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.