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Debt recovery can be a laborious process, and time is a commodity that’s in short supply in every business. With decades of experience to draw upon, Andalman & Flynn has focused on developing the most successful primary collection processes, analyses and techniques to minimize our time investment while maximizing the debts we recover. Our collections lawyers apply innovative and effective methods of debt resolution to each claim, and we complement our tactics with personalized customer service to ensure that every client experience is a positive one.

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Knowing when and how to treat different portfolios by applying the right collection tactics is an art. We’re proud to say our seasoned legal team has mastered it. At Andalman & Flynn, our proprietary collections matrix is fully customized to address each client’s specific needs. Fundamental elements include professional calls, letters, skip tracing, asset location, credit reporting, and more. Because we also understand the sensitive nature of debt collection, our well-trained collectors always treat debtors with consideration and respect. We’re adept at seamlessly blending courtesy with tenacity to deliver consistently exceptional results. Andalman & Flynn has proven that high customer satisfaction ratings can co-exist with high levels of success in debt collection.

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