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Law firms require a high-level, professional approach for collecting their receivables, striking a delicate balance to secure critical cash flow while maintaining valued client relationships. As a trusted partner for other firms, Andalman & Flynn can help accelerate your cash flow and resolve debt-related issues for your busy partners. Whether you require assistance with primary collections, asset location, or virtually any other facet of debt recovery, you can rely on our seasoned team of professionals.

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Law firms often find that their partners and associates are spending valuable time on debt collection instead of doing the work that generates billable hours. And in many instances, major accounts receivables will impede and disrupt your cash flow. For these common situations and more, turn to Andalman & Flynn. We realize that effective law firm debt recovery requires experienced collectors who have a detailed knowledge of complex legal billing systems. Our highly skilled team also understands the sensitive nature of law firm accounts and the attention to detail they require. Our collection techniques are always courteous and applied with the highest degree professionalism. Our attorneys will meet with your attorneys to ensure that it’s an account receivable you should pursue. Above all, we’re dedicated to protecting and maintaining your firm’s valuable reputation.

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