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Educating young minds should be your top priority, not chasing after past due tuition. No one wants to send a child’s tuition bill to collections, but your institution is imparting something of great value and you should feel comfortable seeking payment for services rendered. For over 30 years, private educational institutions of all types and sizes have relied on Andalman & Flynn to resolve their past due accounts. We fully understand the delicate legal and public relations nature of debt collection in the private school environment. Our professional approach to collections gets your receivables flowing while keeping your school’s elite reputation intact.

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At Andalman & Flynn, we offer a full complement of targeted and highly effective collections capabilities. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we’re able to quickly locate debtors and accurately determine their ability to pay. We offer both early-stage collections and more complex later-term approaches that are effective and fully compliant. Rely on us for debt collections services that are always carried out in a diplomatic and professional manner.

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