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When traditional and advanced efforts to collect a debt are completely exhausted, it’s time to begin litigation measures. When the seasoned attorneys at Andalman & Flynn initiate a debt collection lawsuit, it’s often enough to compel the debtor to resolve the dispute through settlement. Debtors typically don’t have valid defenses as to why the obligation hasn’t been paid and they usually want to avoid incurring any legal costs. However, if a settlement isn’t reached or if the debtor fails to respond in a timely manner, a judgment can be obtained and enforced against them. This allows us to take more post-judgment collections measures, such as placing liens on property and garnishing assets and income. Debtors who ignore legal actions filed against them face additional penalties from the courts.

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At Andalman & Flynn, we understand that collecting on business accounts in a timely manner is crucial to the success of your company. If legal action becomes necessary, we have an established system in place for filing suit and obtaining judgments in an expedited manner. To get the best results, you also need knowledgeable attorneys who specialize in debt collection. As an industry-leading firm of the highest caliber, Andalman & Flynn delivers. Our dedicated collections attorneys apply their decades of experience and superior legal competence to secure consistently excellent outcomes.

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