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Collecting on debts can be challenging for utility companies. Life circumstances, the economy, and just plain bad luck can prevent even long-time customers from paying their bills on time. When negative account balances pile up, you need a collections effort that provides results and keeps your customer relationships strong. At Andalman & Flynn, we help you do both. For over 30 years, our collections firm has provided utility companies large and small with effective debt collections services. Our attorneys are skilled at preserving your relationships and reputation while employing laser-like focus to go recover what you’re owed.

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At Andalman & Flynn, we help you navigate any debt recovery challenges you may face with strategies that range from simple to complex. Often, just having our law firm send a letter is enough to kick start a debtor’s repayment efforts. When collections become more complicated, we take a swift but measured approach in determining the best path forward. Andalman & Flynn’s strategic debt collection efforts utilize detailed work strategies, advanced technology and industry-leading skip trace resources to optimize our collections efforts. By combining superior customer care with an industry-leading knowledge base, we maximize your revenues while minimizing your cost and risk.

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