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When you’re seeking debt collection services, it’s important to conduct your search as carefully as you would for any other profession or service. Consider these advantages that a collections attorney with a licensed collections department has over a sole debt collector:

  1. There are many legal requirements to ensure that you pursue consumer debt, in accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Reading the laws and putting practices in place that follow the law can be daunting, and frequently clients shy away from pursuing debts because of the legalese and requirements. While consumer protection laws protect debtors, don’t let those laws and regulations keep you from pursuing money owed to your business.
  2. A collections attorney can do more to pursue your outstanding invoices. Our firm will review your business contracts to ensure they are up to date. Additionally, we provide our clients with the tools necessary to take preventative measures to reduce the number of future debtors your business has by establishing standards making it easier for you to collect in the event your client fails to remit payment.
  3. Debt collectors have to hire legal counsel to pursue debts in court when they cannot collect upon them by making phone calls or sending a demand letter. Hiring a collections attorney with a collections department will save you time and money because your cases will never have to be transferred, allowing for more efficiency.
  4. Our law firm has an established licensed collections practice that gives you everything you will need to be successful in collecting upon your debts. Our collections attorneys and team of collectors will start by conducting collections assessments to determine the likelihood of collecting upon the debts, followed by crafting specific demand letters in accordance with the law to your debtors. Our collections attorney will negotiate proper settlements and ensure they are enforced through all legal resources available to you. Collections attorneys will file in court to enforce payments as well as to obtain a civil judgment.
  5. Our collections attorneys will be able to move forward with collecting upon a civil judgment with all remedies available, including placing bank garnishments, wage garnishments, liens upon real property, and pursuing any property ownership the debtor may have. The personalization you will receive from our collections attorneys, who work on your matter from the very beginning, is paramount to our success rates in collecting the money you are owed.
  6. Most debtors are used to getting calls from debt collectors; they often liken the calls to a call for a car warranty that they don’t need. But when a debtor receives a call or letter from a law firm, it makes them think twice before not responding. Having a collections attorney represent you carries weight with debtors and can lead to efficiency and more successful collections results.

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