By: Amanda Vann, Esq.

As a debt collection attorney, I can assist you with recovering your debts by taking the necessary legal action to obtain and enforce a judgment. But you may be wondering if you need a debt collection attorney.

Here are some telltale signs that my law firm can assist you.

1. If you cannot have someone exclusively working on your accounts to ensure timely payment and follow up on late payments, retaining our firm to assist will benefit you.

We have a dedicated team of collectors managed by attorneys to ensure that we collect following the law and in a manner that maintains the integrity of your business. With the onslaught of customer service mishaps posted all over social media platforms, you should hire a law firm instead of a collection agency to ensure you are legally protected and under the law in how you collect upon past due balances.

2. If you find yourself or staff frustrated from accounts that continuously are late paying or refuse to pay you, hiring our law firm will benefit you.

Our law firm can review the contracts and procedures you currently have in place that may lend a helping hand to allow your accounts to be late. For example, our law firm will continuously review and monitor your contracts to ensure that they protect you if you need to seek action in court. Our firm also provides updates when new laws and statutes are passed that will impact how you do business. We take pride in educating you to ensure you are adequately prepared to respond to your clients following the current law.

3. Suppose you are not charging interest or late fees on your past-due accounts. In that case, you enable your customers to not pay instead of securing your payments.

When an account is unpaid, with no penalty, you are not doing anything to make a customer pay. Additionally, suppose you continuously extend credit to customers with outstanding balances or delinquent accounts receivables, whether large or small. In that case, it is time to hire our law firm to assist. Although it may be difficult to accept, some customers will use your graciousness in not enforcing payment. By hiring our law firm to address your delinquent accounts, you can focus your time and resources on your business and let us handle getting you paid.  

As debt collection attorneys, we offer various payment methods, from flat fees to hourly rates and contingency fee agreements, so deciding to retain us is easy. Collecting past-due accounts can be confusing and time-consuming if you are not versed in the law. Let us handle your accounts by giving us a call.  

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