Not all collection agencies are created equally when collecting your debts. Undoubtedly, you have worked hard to build your brand and services, and maintaining the image you created should be extremely important. With the ease of social media available to the masses and spreading news, you should investigate and choose a collections attorney over a collections agency to collect your debts.

Here are three critical advantages an attorney can provide for collecting your debts:

  1. Collections attorneys are licensed by the state of their practice. Attorneys are held to an ethical standard that collections agencies are not. Additionally, attorneys work tirelessly to maintain their practice and be a legal pillar in their community and throughout the legal field. As such, we continue to treat our clients and opposing parties with the utmost respect and professionalism. Our intent is not to embarrass or worry debtors into paying their debts but to find the best solution and most cost-effective means to get our clients the money owed while considering our client’s image and reputation. 
  2. Attorneys have a more comprehensive range of tools available to assist you in collecting your debts that collections agencies don’t. An attorney can help you negotiate settlement agreements in accordance with state law pre and post-suit. An attorney can walk you through the legal processes and file protections on your behalf if a debtor seeks bankruptcy. Most importantly, an attorney has the legal backing to guide you in pursuing a judgment in court and enforcing the judgment. A collections agency does not have the legal backing or authority to pursue a debt. If unsuccessful in getting a debtor to pay through correspondence and communications, you will be forced to start over with a collections attorney to move forward. You are saving yourself the time and energy it will take to retain counsel once the collection agency is unsuccessful.
  3. Hiring an attorney will help you not get sued, and having counsel in your corner is critical to successfully collecting. A collection agency is essentially a credit settlement company whose goal is to call and communicate with the debtor to get them to pay. Hiring a collections attorney gets you the all-inclusive package in addition to calling and communicating to seek payment, your collections attorney will assist you in ensuring your contracts are up to date and drafted to protect your interest. Your attorney will ensure that the methods you use to collect pre-lawsuit comply with state and federal law, including the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Once you have a judgment, your attorney will use all remedies available to collect upon the judgment.

Skip hiring a collections agency and go straight for retaining a collections attorney to ensure you are getting the best representation from beginning to end that will not only get you the money you are owed but also protect and maintain your image and brand.

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