If you own a business, then chances are you have had the unfortunate experience of having unpaid account balances. You have most likely tried to take reasonable steps to collect the outstanding balances, but with no luck. It’s time to consider retaining a collections attorney.

Whereas a collections agency can send out demand letters and make calls on your behalf to collect upon the debt, collections attorneys will do much more. A collections attorney will customize the method by which they proceed in collecting upon the debt. Creating a custom method to move forward is essential to your business.

Create a Customized Collections Plan

What does a customized collections plan include? Here are some things that a collections attorney will do.

  1. You’ve spent time and money investing in your business brand and image, so why tarnish it. A debtor can make attempts to discredit your business or tarnish the business image, and a collection attorney will ensure that you are moving forward ethically and legally while considering your brand. Collections attorneys will do a collections assessment of your past due accounts to give you information and recommend how to best move forward, considering your business’s industry standards and the image you want to uphold.
  2. Collections attorneys will help you save money. That’s right, everyone thinks attorneys are unaffordable, but that isn’t true. A collections attorney will be proactive and give recommendations to changes that can be made to your business practices and contracts to protect you better legally and cut back on the number of outstanding accounts you have. Therefore, putting money back into your business and helping to stop the cycle of past due accounts.
  3. Collections attorneys will help you navigate the court system to obtain a judgment, but most importantly, the attorney will assist with collecting upon the debt. A good collections attorney will have experience with:
    1. settlement negotiations
    2. court proceedings in the county and state courts
    3. experience with bankruptcy law and court proceedings
    4. licensing requirements and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  4. A collections attorney will be able to pursue all legal remedies available to collect upon the debt, cutting out the need for a collections agency.

Don’t waste time and resources trying to come up with ways to collect upon your outstanding accounts. Let the collection attorneys at Andalman and Flynn get you on a path to receiving payments to allow your brand and business to grow.

If someone owes you money and you want to pursue payment and/or obtain a collection assessment, please contact our office. 

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