In our firm’s collections practice, we often use social media to find debtors and information about their place of employment and their assets. We are always meticulous in how we perform our collections work to be professional and ethical, particularly when searching on social media.

How Our Firm Uses Social Media

As a collections law firm, we adhere to the following rules:

  • Use only publicly available material
  • Use information obtained using our own valid social networking website accounts
  • Use information provided by a third-party member of a social networking website
  • Observe the activities of a member of a social networking website while he/she browses the website(s)
  • Use the account of a third-party member of a social networking website account only when we have that member’s permission

When using social media in our collections practice, we do NOT contact the debtors. By definition, “contacting” someone through social media includes: a Facebook friend request, a tweet directed at an individual, or a LinkedIn request to connect. Furthermore, we do not create fake social media accounts or profiles.

At Andalman & Flynn, social media has become a useful and powerful tool in our collections practice. We are aware of the latest social media trends and social media sites that are useful to collections attorneys. Our firm is aggressive in our collections practice so that we obtain successful results while complying with the ethics in the search process. We strictly abide by all laws and regulations.

Experienced Collections Attorneys in Maryland

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