Why Hiring Andalman & Flynn to Collect on Your Behalf Makes Sense

Accountability – We don’t outsource our collection efforts to middle men or third-parties. Your collection cases are always handled by Andalman & Flynn attorneys and paralegals, who are then responsible for investigating each case and taking all necessary legal measures to collect your debt. You save money and stay more accurately apprised of pending cases.

Expediency – The most frustrating response from a debtor is a non-response. Unfortunately, it is also the most common. However, it has been our experience that when debtors become aware that attorneys (and not just agencies) are investigating their cases, they are more forthcoming and respond more rapidly than they would otherwise. In many cases, when a debtor recognizes that you have retained an attorney and are prepared to pursue collection to the maximum extent allowed by the law, the debt owed to you becomes a much higher priority for the debtor, and you get paid more quickly. Andalman & Flynn attorneys excel at making that impression on the individuals and companies that owe you.

Technology – The offices of Andalman & Flynn are equipped with the latest in debt collection software, and we possess the knowledge, expertise and personnel to use this advanced technology to maximize our clients’ benefits. We can track and evaluate the assets and financial holdings of most companies, and can provide our clients with detailed reports on how much and how quickly debtors are capable of paying you.

We can start today – If you need reliable and proven collection services to help you recover debts owed for outstanding judgments, or unpaid or severely delinquent business or customer accounts, Andalman & Flynn collection services can start today. You may contact us via phone or e-mail, or complete an online collections request form now. An Andalman & Flynn attorney or senior collections paralegal will contact you within one business day to discuss your inquiry and offer more information about how we can help.