Mary Ellen Flynn to Present “How to Get Paid Without Getting Into Trouble” on April 9, 2019

Mary Ellen Flynn will be presenting at the Commercial Litigation Section Meeting on April 9, 2019, at 8:00 am. The event will take place at Lerch Early & Brewer, 7600 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 700. This meeting includes a light breakfast.

Andalman & Flynn looks forward to having their very own, Mary Ellen Flynn, speak and present on the topic of “How to Get Paid Without Getting Into Trouble.”

Information and tips to be shared include: “how to effectively screen new clients, draft retainer agreements that protect you, keep track of billable time, timely bill clients, and collect accounts receivable.”

In addition, Ms. Flynn will also discuss “the Maryland Rules of Professional Responsibility, case law, and ethics opinions that apply to retainer agreements, attorneys’ fees, and billing clients.”

Join us or learn more by visiting the Bar Association of Montgomery County.